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Who IS 3500 Kelvin? Virtual Production Studio

As Southwests’ largest production hub, 3500 Kelvin is a leader in providing virtual production solutions through blending best practices of broadcast, cinematic, and mixed reality technology through R&D and bespoke workflows.

We pride ourselves on being solutionists and bridge builders between artistic and technical worlds. Our purpose is to make emerging technologies accessible for businesses in the film, advertising, marketing, and tech industries by providing full-stack capabilities for XR/VP solutions. We strive to help our clients navigate the ever-evolving landscape of immersive technology and deliver cutting-edge products and services that make a difference.

Our core values are –

  • Playful with a Purpose

  • Inventive Solutionists

  • Creative Collaboration

We ensure a collaborative and innovative environment for our team and clients alike. Our unique capabilities include configurable tech stacks, configurable LED walls, and studio space that helps save on post editing costs and provides easy access for local and global clients.

We're passionate about making your vision come to life with the right combination of technical expertise and artistic creativity, all while ensuring a fun and relaxed experience throughout the production process.

Whether you're looking for studio space, event support, virtual art department services, configurable LED volumes, or tax incentives in Arizona, 3500 Kelvin is here to help! Let's make magic together.

Message us at

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