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Arizona's Production HUB

3500 Kelvin operates the largest configurable LED volume / XR studio in the Southwest and is the ONLY qualifying stage for the AZ Motion Picture Production tax incentive. Please inquire about how your production can qualify for this credit.

  • Virtual Production

  • Post Production

  • Unreal / Unity Design and Production


3500 Kelvin and MSPS Global is comprised of industry veterans from film production, live event, hospitality and concert touring.

  • Event Design and Rendering

  • Technical Engineering

  • CAD and Space Planning

  • Content Design and Consulting

  • AV and Lighting

3500Kelvin_on black.jpg

Virtual and practical production design.


VAD with 3D asset creation in Blender, UE, Unity, Maya and others.


In-House design fabrication of practical set and prop elements.

Render services:

  • CAD development in Vectorworks

  • Interactive fly through environment development

  • Full pre-viz of production and concepts

  • 2d and 3d services

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